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Business Coaching with Daniel Latto

We all want more money, more time off and a way to grow our business and our build our property portfolio - Business & Property coaching can do that for you..


It Takes Time It Takes Effort

And it takes Knowledge. We provide you with the tools that will allow you to grow your business and property portfolio.


Business Coaching

Business Coaching for your Business

Get A RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI) in the next 3 months !

We’re About Helping You Achieve A Better Business, More Money, Better Health, Great Relationships.

By the end of our coaching together, you will have

  • Sales Funnels in place = More traffic than ever before and a marketing plan that works
  • Conversions in place which means less work, more money
  • More Business, More Income, More time available
  • A Plan for purchasing Property Below Market Value (Which means even if the property market went lower – you would still be profitable.
  • Ongoing continuous support to help you grow your business further

Includes :

  1. 2 x LIVE Q & A Webinar Style Coaching Sessions per month approx 1.5 hours long
  2. Access to Membership Site with ‘how to’ training videos (Valued at £24.95 per month)
  3. Docbox – full of useful documents such as Tenancy Agreements, cleaning checklists, Property Inspection Forms, TO DO Lists, Marketing Guides and a whole lot more
  4. Accountability in 4 main areas of your life
    – Business
    – Property
    – Health
    – Relationships
  5. Exclusive Facebook Group For Coach & Mastermind Members only

At the end of each month, you are required to complete an update as to your progress, and in particular, what stopped you from achieving your goals this month, which will help motivate you to accomplish these items the next month.

We’ll show you how to :


  • Flip property at a profit, how to choose the right houses for the right markets and the right target audience
  • Rent property for long term growth, including access to all our tenancy agreements, letters and systems to optimising rents and managing your properties
  • Show you how we use HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupation) to maximise rental income
  • A strategy for buying properties for Below Market Value (BMV) that you can copy and implement
  • Dealing with Estate Agents, negotiating with vendors for great discounts.


  • Which business models work and how you can improve yours
  • Use the latest Marketing strategies including Facebook, Webinars, Strategy Sessions to increase your revenues
  • What your website MUST have in order to be successful
  • How to raise Prices and work less
  • How to Outsource some of the mundane tasks or those that you do not wish to do
  • How to create videos to help you sell more product or generate leads
  • SEO training to drive more website traffic
  • Advanced NLP Sales Skills training
  • How to create webinars that sell, and how to market them


  • How Values shape our relationships and how to discover your partners values so that you relationship can flourish
  • Why your relationship in the past may not have worked, and how to make sure your current one, or your next one will.
  • How to make sure you inject passion back into your relationship and gets some ‘YOU’ time (even if you have lots of kids)


  • Look at improving your health and encourage one another in a friendly manner and push each other along
  • How to eat right, exercise right for optimal health
  • Compare and share your success stories with those around you so that you can enjoy the journey more and be inspired by other peoples achievements too.


  • Goal Setting
  • How to become accountable to yourself without needing anyone external
  • How to overcome your fears on practically anything
  • How to develop the lifestyle you dreamed about and have it now, rather than having to wait
  • Inspiration twice each month from the Webinars, and belonging to a group of ‘go-getters’ that you can network with through Facebook, support each other and push each other to greater success
  • Special guests with ‘how to’ information on specific strategies
  • Time Management

All in all, this is an all-rounded Coaching Programme that will transform your life in the next 12 months and beyond and ensure that your life becomes an ‘Extra’ Ordinary one.

Remember, you get TWO x 2 Hour VIP Platinum Coaching Sessions per month via our Platinum Coaching & VIP Mastermind Group – a members only Question and Answer Webinar, which provides plenty of time for training and focus on each area, as well as accountability for you to move forward and stay on track.

In short, no-one else offers this level of coaching and training. You’ll get access to all my strategies for property, business, health and relationships that will help you design your perfect life, and then live it.

At the end of these 12 months, you’ll become wealthier, healthier & stronger (both physically and mentally) and with a supportive network of positive, like minded people. You’ll know exactly where you’re going, your confidence about your abilities will increase and your dreams will come alive.


If you’re ready for property, you’ll have started with your first one and if you’re already started, you’ll have more, and be better managed with them.  If you have little cash, you’ll have a lot more on a monthly basis which in turn and over time can be used to invest in property, plus I’ll share with you some secrets to controlling property without a mortgage.

I’m excited about this coaching programme, and you should be excited too.  For those signing up and taking action, this will be a transformational year ahead, one in which you’ll wonder why you never did it sooner.

There’s no question that I’ve really benefited from having my own Coaches. I’ve generated tens of thousands of pounds of extra income, streamlined my business and organised and systemised it so that I no longer had to work IN the business, but was able to work ON the business.  I know the difference a coach can make. Someone who has been there and understand what you’re going through right now in the four main areas of your life.

The Costs


£5,995 for 12 months, or £597 per month, no minimum contract.


The usual time for a Return on Investment of the 12 month cost is just 3 to 6 months. Sign up, and take a chance on life – you’ll get the results, and your life will change.

Who Am I ?

I’ve been Nominated for Small Business Coach of the Year 2013 and I own around £5 million of Property, I live in Valencia, Spain and fly regularly into the UK every 14 days.

Look what others say.

Daniel, was a great coach, he was full of praise (providing we did completed activities and tasks we decided and agreed on all together). His hands on approach works very well, he would encourage us to create the answers we needed which were there all along, but the best form of influence is to make someone feel like it was their idea. pixel Platinum Coaching & VIP Mastermind Group   £595 per month

He delivered over and above what we asked of him and in the process we made a very good friend.
He has an extensive knowledge of NLP he is always looking for new opportunities.
If you want to be inspired and develop your psychology at the same time, led by a man that pushes himself as hard as he pushes his clients, Dan is your man.” February 7, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative – Benjamin Leppier

Having a Business Coach can be the difference between settling for where you are now, and getting to where you want to be.

This is what Barry Davies said, owner of HMO Lease Options



Coaching – Try it


You’ll be amazed at the results.


Invest in Your #1 Asset. You !




Join me at my 2 day VIP Platinum Coaching Weekend


Some of our Proud Partners

The Business Coaching from Daniel Latto was life changing, it helped me get my business back on track and start living life again.
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